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So far we've managed to be strict on our pledge to only write about acts who are from or coming to Scotland - and that's why we wondered how we could get away with writing about JAMES CHADWICK since he ticks neither box.

Then we remembered that in our second ever post on The Pop Cop, while explaining our mission statement a la Jerry Maguire, we wrote: "If we also just happen to stumble across the best song ever that everybody HAS to hear then trust us, we'll find a tenuous Tartan link somewhere, so fear not."

With this in mind, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that Chadwick - a singing, songwriting young man from the Lincolnshire/Cambridgeshire border - contributed to Worried Noodles, a concept compilation album in which all the lyrics were written by Glaswegian artist and Guardian cartoonist David Shrigley. The end result was a track called The Wooden Floor.

Good though it is, it is utterly overshadowed by Chadwick's own beguiling slice of acoustic perfection, The Last One, a song which has brightened our lives immeasurably and is quite simply the reason we are so excited to bring this post to you today.

Hopefully, we had you at "hello".

4 James Chadwick - The Last One
4 James Chadwick - The Wooden Floor

"...the enigmatic James Chadwick...was Centre stage at a lunch time concert set in the beautiful surrounds of Lewes castle, Chadwick's emotion laden lyrics allude to a lifetime of experiences which seem incongruent with his apparent fresh faced youthfulness... Belting out a range of blues and folk Chadwick switches effortlessly between genres and tempos. Both vocally and on guitar... he is technically fantastic" Sussex 02/08/07

"The time has come when we want a bit of reality and vulnerability and you don't get more real than someone standing up in front of an audience armed with just a voice and an acoustic guitar. When you see someone like James Chadwick who at just nineteen can, during the course of his set, lead the audience through the whole gamut of emotions, you're left in no doubt that you have witnessed genuine talent. Increasingly people want that as part of their own musical experience." Sandman Magazine

"Lovely fully formed songs, rich singing and really sharp guitar playing.
A bit like Nick Drake meets Nic Jones... Great." Karine Polwart

"At Priddy Folk Festival 2006 James Chadwick was the most talked about new name on the scene.  His performance was remarked as the most exciting of the weekend and so impressed organizers that they have asked him back again this year." The Old Down Folk Club

James began his set with Nic Jones's 'Flandyke Shore' and it was immediately apparent that James has a real feel for English folk music. The song I enjoyed most was James's 'Walking the Line', in which there is something reminiscent of Jansch in the guitar work. His guitar playing was brilliant and yet not over-elaborate. Paul @ Bournemouth Folk Club

"Lovely fully formed songs, rich singing and really sharp guitar playing.
A bit like Nick Drake meets Nic Jones... Great." Karine Polwart

James was in great form last night in the Annexe, he totally engaged the audience and left several of us old cynics feeling very refreshed!!
James is at The Liquid Rooms in Embra tonight,if you can get there ,GO !!! Post on after Partick gig Feb 06

“Just writing to confirm the success of last nights gig, James far exceeded my expectations and if anything, as good as his cd is, it doesn’t do him justice. ”
Dave Wyman, The Orange Tree, Loughborough

"... the evening shifted up a gear with the arrival on stage of James Chadwick. Filling the stage with his immense height and calmly voyaging through his own material, James demanded more than simply respect for the quality of his guitar playing. His finger picking style is fast and accurate enough to merit attention, but his voice is just as appealing. Producing a sound from the back of his throat similar to Damien Rice he eluded any Irish folk conceits that might be read into the music with some grittier rhythms and lyrics.

The songs themselves actually worked, with nice transitions and a conciseness that left you wanting more rather than feeling gorged, all of which was backed up by ending the set with a medley including 'Don't worry be happy' and snatches from 'Girls just want to have fun'. " Guitarists at the Loft by Jos Betts @

"... a lad I admire greatly myself, he writes brilliant songs." Mike Harding at the BBC Radio 2 Young Folk Awards

"If you missed this guy, may your soul be tormented in Hell for the rest of eternity. For this is the one, the only, James Chadwick. He is the reason I have given up playing guitar. After twenty years playing live on stage I am still crap. This boy has more talent in his little finger than I could attain practicing every day for a hundred years. God! I hope he doesn't take up photography. I might as well slit my wrists and dig my own grave. Breath taking." Mike Da hat (Unity Photographer)

Met James when he and his good lady Sara promoted a show for Martin Grech on the last tour we did. He plays amazing guitar. He's pretty tall. And his songs are beautiful. I'm unsurprisingly predisposed to the more acoustic, less bluesy territory he inhabits, so for me, 'The Last One' and 'The End' do all the things that good songs should. Nick Drake and Elliott Smith probably slag him off over sugary cups of tea, from that great folk club in the sky... Sweet Billy Pilgrim

James Chadwick rounded the evening off with an excellent folk set, wowing the assembled brethren with his uncanny virtuosity. 10/10 ! Portland Arms Gig

“James Chadwick’s … songs are beautiful and emotional and his talents are becoming increasingly recognized by accomplished musicians and young fans alike.” - Folkwit

" .... Peterborough’s most-laid back band, three piece The Red Guards"

“… a very welcome, intellectual reminder of the serene, calming effect that music can have on anyone.” The Herald and Post

" ....... followed by the Red Guards playing a much more relaxed, bluesey set with amazing guitar from the front-man, James." Band of the Year heat 27 April 2005

“… hints of Jeff Buckley and Elliott Smith” Gizz Butt (former prodigy guitarist)

“The Red Guards 3 piece dazzled listeners with an eclectic mix of music: from the likes of Jeff Buckley’s Hallelujah (through a huge collection of James’s own compositions) to the Jimi Hendrix classic, Purple Haze, but each given a distinctive Red Guards ‘take’. Band members alternated between guitar, bass, violin, drums and keyboards.
”Do yourself a favour - catch them live at a venue near you soon, they’re worth it.” Ian Duncan, Maxey Festival

James Chadwick's songs are often melancholy, but rarely gloomy. By the time the cello kicks in on 'Serotonin' I defy any angst-ridden teenager not to be humming "everything's gonna be all right". Siren Music

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