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James at Amnesty Inetrnational Fundraiser

James playing for a fundraising gig for Amnesty International in Peterborough.




Friday 9th The Sage, Gateshead, Folk Awards Final
Tuesday 13th the Man on the Moon, Cambridge
Thursday 15th Unity at Fidd's , Peterborough
Saturday 17th Charity Gig at the Crown, Lincoln Road, Peterboro 12.30 -2am
Saturday 18th The Loft (Upstairs: The Graduate), Cambridge
Thursday 22nd Cabaret, Nottingham
Friday 30th Fidds, Peterborough


Saturday 26th Bogart's, Peterborough
Thursday 24th Raw Strings, Cambridge
Sunday 20th Cabaret, Nottingham, Folkwit Tour
Friday 18th The Little Civic, Wolverhampton, Folkwit Tour
Thursday 17th The Old Ale House, Salisbury, Folkwit Tour
Wednesday 16th The Talbot's Bar/ Yales, Wrexham Folkwit Tour
Monday 14th The Troubadour, London, Folkwit Tour
Sunday 13th The Dry Bar, Manchester Folkwit Tour
Saturday 12th The Portland Arms, Cambridge, Folkwit Tour
Friday 11th Met Lounge, Peterborough, supporting Black Bud
Tuesday 1st Acoustic Sessions at the Millstone Inn, Barnack


Thursday 27th Lush, Queensgate Centre, Peterborough
Saturday 15th The Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal
Thursday 13th Fidds, Peterborough
Friday 7th Met Lounge, Peterborough
Tuesday 4th Acoustic Sessions at the Millstone Inn, Barnack


Friday 16th Fidds, Peterborough with Opaque
Saturday 10th Ely Festival, Ely in the afternoon & Bogarts, Peterborough evening.

Tuesday 6th

Acoustic Sessions, Millstone Inn, Barnack Entry FREE
Friday 2nd      Knuts Club, Peterborough
Tuesday 6th Acoustic Sessions at the Millstone Inn, Barnack


Friday 19th Fidds, Peterborough
Tuesday 2nd       Millstone Inn, Barnack

JULY & Earlier

Friday 29  Met Lounge Peterborough, Red Guards supporting Mohair
23rd Yaxley Festival (postponed)
17th Red Guards supported by Bailey at The Solstice, Peterborough
13th the Conservatory, Cambridge
10th Maxey Festival
8th with Point of Origin at Fidds, Peterborough
5th The Acoustic Sessions, Millstone Inn, Barnack
4th in the Acoustic tent at the Strawberry Fair, Cambridge.
10th Big Issue Foundation Charity Gig, supporting Martin Grech, Met Lounge Peterborough.
1st Knut's Club, Peterborough
April 7th Fidds, Peterborough
April 5th Acoustic Sessions, Millstone Inn, Barnack
March 4th Fidds, Peterborough
March 1st the Millstone Inn, Barnack
March 5th the Solstice, Peterborough
February 26th Fidds, Peterborough
February 10th the Living Room, Cambridge
February 6th King Knut's, Peterborough
February 5th the Bluebell, Werrington supporting Claude Bourbon
January 29th Fidds, Peterborough


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